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Liquid complete fertilizers anthini® hold a special position in the Greek market since 1980 and until today are constantly gaining consumers’ trust. Due to their unique micronutrient-rich composition, fertilizers anthini® ensure the healthy growth of your plants, offer maximum blooming and fructification and enhance plants’ resistance to diseases and rough climatic conditions. [...]
Liquid fertilizers anthini® are 100% absorbable, contain micronutrients that
prevent nutritional deficiencies and have low pH levels that balance the acidity of the soil and dissolve the mineral salts of hard water. They are optimum for pot plants, as they replenish the nutrient elements being gradually lost by watering. [...]

How often should I fertilize my plants?
General fertilizing tips
The different types of fertilizers
Understanding the NPK numbers on fertilizers
What’s the role of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium?
Why are micronutrients essential to healthy plant growth?
Concise table of macro- and micronutrient elements [...]




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