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Nourishes and protects your plants since 1980
*άνθος (anthos): eng. flower, blossom, bloom

Liquid complete fertilizers anthini® hold a special position in the greek market since 1980 and until today are constantly gaining consumers’ trust. Due to their unique micronutrient-rich composition, fertilizers anthini® ensure the healthy growth of your plants, offer maximum blooming and fructification and enhance plants’ resistance to diseases and rough climatic conditions. Liquid fertilizers anthini® are environmentally friendly, 100% assimilable and cover effectively the nutritional needs of your plants.
Liquid fertilizers anthini® are produced in 6 types: Anthini for growth (250ml & 460ml), Ferino (chelated iron 250ml), Anthini for camellias-gardenias-azaleas (460ml), Anthini for blooming (460ml), Anthini organic fertilizer (460ml) and Anthini Chelated iron (460ml). If you prefer a fertilizer in solid form, opt for Anthini granular fertilizer 20-20-20+micronutrients (500gr).

For professional use, there is available (upon request) the series of dense liquid multinutrient fertilizers Agrol in 10 types and the series Anthini water soluble fertilizers in 4 types for different seasons and crops. All types of anthini® contain micronutrients, essential microelements that prevent and treat nutritional deficiencies.

For ordering the liquid fertilizers anthini®, fill in the communication form on the main menu or contact us through telephone or email.



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