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Liquid fertilizers anthini® are 100% absorbable, contain micronutrients that prevent nutritional deficiencies and have low pH levels that balance the acidity of the soil and dissolve the mineral salts of hard water. They are optimum for pot plants, as they replenish the nutrient elements being gradually lost by watering. Their price, composition and mode of action, make liquid fertilizers anthini® the most effective and cost-efficient fertilizers for houseplants and crops.

liquid fertilizer

• For the development of new sprouts and the strengthening of indoor and outdoor plants, select Anthini for growth (250ml ή 460ml).

• For acid-loving plants that require special care, use Anthini for camellias-gardenias-azaleas (460ml) enriched with iron EDTA and trace elements.

• During blooming period, opt for Anthini for flowering (460ml) enhanced with amino acids. It can be used during seasons with low or high temperatures and during repotting to minimize the transplant shock.

• Treat effectively yellowing leaves with Ferino (chelated iron 250ml) and Anthini Chelated iron (460ml).

• For biological crops, as well as strong plants with rich root system, use Anthini organic fertilizer. It can be effectively combined with the rest products of the series anthini®.

• For balanced development, apply on the soil the multinutrient fertilizer Anthini granular fertilizer 20-20-20. It is optimum for vegetable, fruit trees, large scale crops, lawn and ornamental plants.

There is also available for professional use the series of dense liquid fertilizers Agrol in 10 types and the series Anthini water soluble fertilizers in 4 types for different crops and seasons.



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